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Writing & Publishing Services

Whilst each client has specific requirements, projects tend to fall into three general categories:

Those looking to write a story themselves

Those looking to write but who have yet to put pen to paper... or who have started, but would welcome assistance to complete their book.

This enjoyable option is a writing course with your own private tutor getting alongside you to help recall, edit and carefully supervise the whole writing and production process. The majority of our books have been written this way, typically with six to eight meetings.

Those who have written a story already

Those who have written and require assistance in producing a book.

Some clients welcome a joint review of the manuscript and the opportunity to discuss production options in person; others prefer a correspondence approach. Either is possible.

Those looking for someone to write the story for them.

Selecting the right person to do justice to your story (and with whom you get along) is vital and so we adopt a trial approach.

After a day or two with a writing partner, a sample chapter is written for client approval. This is then reviewed jointly and the remainder of the project agreed.

Whatever approach is right for you, we will do everything we can to ensure that you receive a book with which you are delighted.

All projects include comprehensive editing, proofreading and typing services, followed by a second independent proofreading in an effort to eke out any final gremlins. Photos are selected and sample page layouts provided prior to the book being designed to the client's precise specifications, be they paperbacks, hardbacks or presentation books of any size.

Confidentiality is guaranteed at all times, and the copyright of the book remains exclusively with the client.

ISBN (International Standard Book Number) registration can also be provided, as well as a digital version of the book for use on Kindle and other such devices. Advice can also be offered on wider publishing.

In most cases projects start with a free home visit to discuss the various options, after which a letter is sent detailing the arrangement. Indication costs can also be provided over the phone when we have an appreciation of your requirements.

Writing your life story is a significant milestone, akin to planning your estate or hosting a large anniversary party. Engaging experienced professionals in writing, editing and design is not inexpensive. The result, however, is a priceless heirloom of the highest quality, created to last countless generations. There are no contracts to sign, and so confident are we that you will be delighted, the project fee is only payable when you receive your books. If you are not satisfied, you do not pay.

We do not promise to make you famous, but we do promise that you will be delighted with your books, whether you order two, twenty-two, or two hundred and twenty-two.

Bound Biographies

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