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Your Life Story

  • Would you like to leave a permanent record of your life for future generations to treasure and enjoy?
  • Have you ever harboured a desire to write?
  • Have you written a manuscript already and want it produced into a stylish book including some of your precious photos?
  • Have you started writing but lost momentum?
  • Are looking for a stimulating hobby?
  • Would you like your memories of a loved one recorded for posterity?
  • Would you like your parents to write their life story, jointly or perhaps individually?
  • Would you like your life story written by an experienced professional?

If your answer is 'Yes' to any of the above, then read on...

Having helped to produce over 400 books, we have yet to come across anybody who is 'ordinary'. Everyone is special and has a story to tell - about their childhood, their family, perhaps their experiences of the war years, their education and employment, travels, and coming to terms with all the changes and challenges that life throws up from time to time.

There is also a wealth of social history to include. Compare your own childhood to a child living today, and then imagine how you would feel if your grandmother had written a book about her life, and the life of your mum or dad growing up... how special would that be?

More and more people are recording their life stories, capturing those precious memories for posterity... we would love to help you do the same.

Since 1991 Bound Biographies has assisted over 400 clients. All books and testimonials are available to view, by appointment, at the Bicester office. However, Mike doesn't see them as books... "each volume represents a special person, a wonderful friend. Whilst some are no longer around, their treasured memories live on, and it is a privilege to select a book from the shelves to meet up with an old friend."

Our clients come from all walks of life, and each has a fascinating story to tell. Below are a few snippets of their experiences with Bound Biographies:

"I've always been interested in family history. I had started writing my book before I met Mike, but I'd never got very far. I wanted the children and grandchildren to know where their family came from. I wrote it all in long-hand. They're fascinated by it now. It has brought history to life for them. People don't often look at old pictures, but now they are all in the book in the right places."

"It was hugely satisfying and I'm pleased to have something to leave to my grandchildren. I know that there are always so many things you wish you had asked your own parents and if it's not written down it's gone forever."

"To have one's life story contained within such fine binding and to take in the exquisite layout, presentation and reproduction of the written and photographic material, is like contemplating the purchase of an original rare manuscript. Yet Bound Biographies' fee for the whole process from start to finish is amazingly modest."

"All my life I have wanted to write a book, and now, thanks to Bound Biographies, I have achieved my ambition."

"Throughout our marriage, my husband and I lived in the Home Counties (UK), but spent our holidays in Devon building a house for our retirement. I kept a diary of the process and the changes we'd seen over the years. After my husband died, I wanted to put the diaries into book form but didn't have the ability to structure it and make it readable. Mike and I worked on the book for two years, and he encouraged me to add more personal touches to make it more interesting. Although it wasn't written for general publication, I was thrilled when Exeter City Library put a copy on their shelves. It's a lovely way to remember my husband and our life together. And I'll bequeath the book to the current owners of the house we built."

Joy Simpson

"Five years after my husband died, I still couldn't come to terms with his long illness and death. I thought writing about it might help, and wrote what I thought was a book's worth of material. After seeing an advert, I got in touch with Mike. He gently explained that what I'd written was really just a chapter, and suggested I write our whole story - including the good times as well as the bad. Once I'd got everything on paper, I felt so much better. I felt able to get on with my life again. My nephews and nieces love the book and, when I'm feeling low, I look through it to give me a lift."

Ann Davies

"With my lack of even rudimentary academic qualifications, I always doubted my ability to write a book about my lifetime's experiences. Indeed, I still regard most of my life as being quite mundane but my tales about my two years' National Service in the Army in the early '50s seemed to fascinate my children and now my grandchildren, so at the turn of the century I decided to record my memories. A further spur was that several items on TV about this subject seemed to differ from my recollections! I was also encouraged after being asked to give a talk to a local organisation. After I had finished the original manuscript, which by then was gathering dust in the attic, I asked a friend to read it through in the knowledge that, as I had known him for many years, his opinion would be truthful and valued. His suggestion that I should get it published was initially greeted with scorn but my ego got the better of me and I made enquiries with a few potential publishers who were not interested unless I was prepared to pay a considerable sum up front, with eventually also a high percentage of the proceeds should the book sell on the retail market. This was and still is not my intention but should it materialise I will be open to offers. I then noticed Bound Biographies advert in the Rochester edition of the Kent Christian Press and I contacted Sally Gray who came over to see me. The relationship has proved to be most professional and from the initial visit she has guided me in the right direction. I had originally used the title 'Reluctant Recruit' which we later altered as we felt 'To the Front and Back' was more appropriate. This is an example of how, as a partnership, we talked through several alterations until the final result has now materialised, complete with photos, at a fraction of the cost of competitors in this field and the books are most expertly finished. Thanks Sally, who I now regard not only as my Editor but a true friend. To any potential authors out there who hesitated like I did, give Bound Biographies a try. From their original exploratory visit, at no cost or obligation, you will be told of the possibilities and, most important, the final cost to you."

Howard J. McMahon

Bound Biographies

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